Founding PowerTrees

Love through our stomach

That being said, that is a very rational perspective. However, we are not only driven by that rational aspect to survive as ‘beings’, yet also by the ‘emotional’ kind called ‘feelings’, no? Therefore, at least for myself, I do not consider food as ‘just’ a functional thing I ‘need’ in order to survive. I would state it is related to ‘feeling’ a certain need in a certain ‘moment of time’. In case you do not believe this coming from me, take it from Maslow, an American clinical psychologist who lived from 1908 to 1970. A basic model frequently used in psychology is Malsow’s ‘hierarchy of needs’, starting at the bottom of the pyramid, the base on what the rest is built upon, with physiological needs. Those are basic needs in order to survive: air, water, food, shelter…. The physiological needs are followed by safety needs, love and belonging, esteem and on top self-actualization.

So food is an important part of our social lives, cultural expression, pleasure, happiness, etc. Still not convinced? Let’s take the need to express ‘love’ for example. At least that’s what I feel when my grandmother asked me for the 10th time whether I am certain I do not want that last cookie. Followed by saying ‘you seem like you’ve gained some weight, I am concerned’. Doesn’t make any sense, does it? So yes, food isn’t always something practical or rational and therefore not always ‘just’ a basic necessity. Unless when ‘feeling’ hungry. In that case anything would do. If anyone reading this doesn’t agree or suggests otherwise, feel free to add your thoughts.

The start of a new adventure

So yes, food is awesome, as is our bubble of life! Keeping both arguments in mind, I am not only talking about the moment when we consume food and the state in which we are when we do. I am talking about our entire food chain, from the ground to our mouth. With the current used vocabulary: farm to fork. More specific, 'the farm to fork strategy' by the European commission as visualized below.

However, I am personally not entirely convinced ‘farm to fork’ is the most complete way to define our entire food chain. Let’s say it depends on how ‘farm’ would be defined. Those four aspects and the above mentioned arguments are what we aim to realize step by step with PowerTrees. A new adventure in the food industry, not only through theory, but very concrete practice, trial and error, continuously trying to improve and do better. Searching various parties and partners throughout our food chain, looking for old and new ways of innovation. Not only by filling in the basic need for food, but especially discovering the satisfaction and love through food, coming from nature. Inspired by the book ‘building social business’ by Muhammed Yunus, I decided the best way for me to start this adventure, was by founding a company, called PowerTrees.

So, preceded by a long journey of development, hard work and a lot of patience (on which I will come back later), I am happy to announce the launch of our first product. With ‘Tamini’, we bring joy with fruits and vegetables through guilt free sweets.

Welcome on this journey of discovery: delicacies from nature to food.